Writer’s Carnival #2

The Writer’s Carnival, started over at The Four Part Land, is a chance for writers with blogs or on Twitter to share their creations with others.  The first Carnival a few weeks back was a great success and so the Carnival is back and this time round I’m lucky enough to be hosting it here!

The theme for Carnival #2 is “Fallen Angels” and we’ve got a fine spread of stories for you to savour below. If you’ve enjoyed any of these pieces please let the authors know either in the comments here or on their own blog. We also need a topic for the next Carnival in a couple of week’s time so let’s start hearing some suggestions for that as well. Enjoy!

Her Fall by Emma Newman
A gritty tale of punishment and vengeance with a sneaky, satisfying twist.

He could see her tears, the bloodshot eyes, eyes that were once so beautiful to him

Dearie by Monica Marier
An unexpected trip to the perfect coffee shop – or is it?

She breathed in the earthy aroma of ground coffee beans, taking other notes: wood polish, cardboard and floral perfume.

I Am No Angel by Becky Wilson
A day in the (after)life of rounding souls of the recently deceased.

There’s no easy way of saying this Mr Garret, but you have just died.

Apples for Science by John Wiswell
An amusing spin on Newton and the Apple (with Jesus and Satan in disguises).

“If Satan can do this, so can I,” Jesus muttered, struggling into the snakeskin.

Angel by Philip van Wulven
A will and the key to an old storage facility lead to unearthly secrets.

Inside they found several cardboard boxes tied with string, which looked as if they hadn’t been opened since the end of the War

Laid Off by David D Sharp
The effects of the credit crunch are being felt everywhere.

He was supposed to have a brain tumour. I took it for him. Hurt like hell.

The Comet’s Love Song by T S Bazelli
A poetic picture of a very different sort of falling angel.

Your blue green promise wakened me from frosted slumber.

Title image courtesy ktylerconk

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  1. Thanks for putting this together 🙂

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