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So for almost a year now I’ve been working on my novel – not full-time, barely part-time in fact, so progress has been slow. Slow but rewarding. I’ve been keeping a page and word count as I’ve gone along, a really positive motivator for climbing the mountain (in that you can actually see the mountain). I’m now sitting at around 80,000 words and have 235 pages – this is two thirds of the first draft done. I know this is two thirds because the story is split into three logical parts and I’m working under the assumption that each part is roughly the same length.

Work on Part 3, the dreaded resolution of story arcs and satisfying conclusion, is about to start but as much that is an unnerving prospect there is one thing that will always give me a little boost – loading up the document file for the novel and setting Microsoft Word to zoom out as far as possible. I used to do this for essays and papers and university and it’s very satisfying to see all your work in a oner. Of course the novel is a lot longer than anything I ever submitted at uni, so I’ve had to take three separate screenshots and stitch them together to create the image below. That’s 235 pages, lovingly crafted from out of nowhere.

Off course writing all this is going to be nothing compared to the pain of editing and proof-reading it all!

Title image courtesy loty

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  1. Wow that’s 235 pages? It looks like so much less at such a small size, still quite an accomplishment. Now to get through that final 1/3rd eh? Then it will be time to really celebrate.

    • Yeah I had to double check once I looked at the compiled image. Definitely 235 pages, mind you it is 235 Word pages and not novel pages, which have more words per page.

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