Top 4 Non-Writing Blogs Writers Should Read

I thought I would try and break with tradition a little and throw together a list of great blogs to inspire writers, only none of the blogs are actually intended for writers. While many writing-related blogs are full of wholesome, wonderful advice and ideas there’s always a danger of falling into a loop and creating rules for yourself that don’t need to be there. I’m not implying writers exclusively read writing blogs, I just thought it would be food for thought. Here you go.

The Simple Dollar
This is a financial advice blog run by a man called Trent Hamm who is neither a professional writer or financial expert yet has become equally talented at both. I’ll let you read Trent’s back story for yourself but basically he is on a long running crusade to have a happier life by living as frugally as possible, and helping others to do likewise. Obviously this is a fairly niche subject, a lot is only relevant to the US and quite often the extent towhich he proposes going in the quest for cutting back spending is not for everyone but I always find his posts to be interesting reading. Firstly because Trent is a genuinely giving and empathic person, always taking time to reply to people’s questions and cries for help in great, and constructive detail. Secondly, even if you can’t always agree with his arguments they are always presented in a highly articulate and enjoyable manner with the human element always shining through.
Seth Godin
Seth Godin is a widely regarded expert in the world of marketing and business development but nearly all of his posts are both inspiring and relevant to almost anyone (his post You Rock is particularly motivating). His posts are short but perfectly formed and come thick and fast with several new articles per day.
Dark Roasted Blend
This one’s not a personal blog but a regularly updated collection of “things that are very interesting”. The idea being that you can always fire up your laptop or smartphone in a coffee shop and have something to read. Many of the posts comprise of collections of photos on a set theme like Abandoned Theme Parks, Flags of Forgotten Countries and there is also a regular Link Latte article which lists a variety of weird and wonderful sites to check out. You’re bound come away from here with at least one exciting idea forming in your head.
Atlas Obscura
In a similar vein to Dark Roasted Blend, this is a magazine blog rather than personal one. Not updated that regularly but there is a huge archive of content giving detailed accounts of visits to various unique and historical places from around the world. Some of you will heard of, many you won’t and nearly all you will have difficulty believing are real. There are accounts of some truly mind blowing places in there from old museums to abandoned monasteries and again, if you don’t find inspiration for your writing in here then there is actually something wrong with you.

Does anyone else have any suggestions for this list?

Title image courtesy curiousexpeditions

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