Writer’s Carnival #3

Hello and welcome to the third Writers Carnival – a gathering of short fiction from a wide range of writers. This Carnival’s theme is:

‘And then there were none’

And yes I did completely forget that that is also the name of a very well known Agatha Christie novel – entries did not have to Agatha-related! Here’s the stories below, if you’ve enjoyed any of these stories please help spread the word about the Carnival and also give a bit of nice feedback to some of the writers.

Dwindled by Monica Marier
From Norse hell to cubicle hell, Thoki isn’t your average office drone.

He’d gotten out of Norway and went to the United States. (He’d watched a lot of television his first week of being a mortal, and that’s where everything seemed to happen).

And Then There Were None by Emma Newman
Two survivors of a zombie apocalypse make a very unusual discovery.

I was doing important things like learning how to kill them whilst you were busy making money and screwing everyone over.

The Last Stars by David D Sharp
One by one the stars are going out – but why?

It was as if the light itself, travelling all those thousand billions of miles was disappearing, rather than the star. And that just didn’t make any sense.

Out of Options by Cathryn Grant
A grim discovery in the dumpster leads to a tough decision.

A logical person would call the police, but she continued to stare. She hadn’t moved her feet in several minutes.

Glass Half-Empty by T S Bazelli
A 3-part Steampunk-noir adventure.

A woman with unpinned curls, and a corset two sizes too small glided the room. Dried mud traced the hem of her well cut dress. Not 100% respectable. Just how he liked them.

Title image courtesy renaissancechambara

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