The Man I Want To Be – Part 4

This is the fourth part of a six part serial, you can read the previous part here.

The Man I Want To Be – Part 4

Suggested listening: Massive Attack – Angel

I sat and tried to listen over the pounding of my own heart. There had been a second bang and then lots of shouting. Some screaming. Somehow after several minutes/hours I sucked up the courage to tip toe out and then peak ever so slowing through the crack of the door leading back into the bank. Lots of people moving around. Someone was crying. I could recognise some of the people that had been waiting in line with me and some of the bank staff. They appeared to be getting onto their knees. And then I saw a shotgun. Yep that was definitely a shotgun. Five men were pacing around, growling and barking orders. They were all armed. Big, dark beards. Turbans. “We all have bombs strapped to our chests you heathens” snarled one man though his voice sounded thick and Northern. “You’ll all do as we say or we blow this place into tiny bits.” Terrorists. Textbook terrorists. From the sandals to the keffiyehs, it was if they’d been lifted straight from some Hollywood movie or political caricature and dropped here by mistake. While three of them moved amongst the hostages, two were arguing with a quivering man in a suit, presumably the manager. Well what I was going to do now? Before I had time to think it through I was forced to retreat backwards as one of the armed men broke off and headed towards the toilets. At first I thought I’d been spotted but it was probably more the fact that they had only just considered to check through here. Back in my grimy cubicle I stepped up onto the pan and waited in fear. Surprisingly the man must have checked the Ladies first as several minutes/hours/years later he entered the Gents, the door creaking painfully. Over the top of the cubicle door I could see him but he hadn’t noticed me – yet. Young. Pale white skin peeking out from beneath the beard that appeared to have some sort of elastic band attached to it. He gripped a black pistol so tightly it looked as if it might crumble in his hands at any moment. “Let me out Jamie” whispered Hector. Bugger. He was the last thing I needed right now. I shook my head. “Look at these guys Jamie, they’ve been watching a rerun of Die Hard or something, decided to try it out for themselves. They’re amateurs, they don’t even know what religion they’re supposed to belong to. Wearing turbans for fuck’s sake.” “Not now Hector” I whispered. The ‘terrorist’ standing but a few front of me seemed to be staring at his reflection in the mirror. Perhaps he was regretting having agreed to this heist. Perhaps he was haunted by his own Hector. “Are you even listening to me? I’m saying these guys are idiots, idiots with guns and bombs.” At this I paused. I hadn’t even noticed to series of small packages strapped across the man’s chest. “Are they real?” I asked. “Maybe, maybe not. Do you really want to find out? We’ve not heard any alarms which means the police are already on their way. These guys are going to get holed up in here and they’re either going to start shooting people or letting off bombs. We have to do something – we have to stop them. Let me out.” “I can’t. You’ll hurt people.” “That’s exactly why you need to do it Jamie. Who else is going to stop them? That bald guy in the suit? The woman with the kid? You?” I shook my head. I swore I would never let Hector out again, no matter what. But his logic was sound. How me had suddenly managed to become so strategic and considerate of the greater good was a mystery to me but I knew he was right. The door before us started to slowly swing open, my skin began to prickle. The man’s eyes widened as he saw me perched on the porcelain bowl but before he could raise his weapon Hector had leapt forward and grabbed him.

Part 5 is available here.

Title image courtesy ace_0f_magic

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  1. The plot thickens. Now, I presume, comes the scary part. I anticipated Hector’s take-over during this bank heist (though not the “terrorist” costumes, which is a very clever spin) but what I’m not sure about yet is what the consequences of this take-over will be.

    • The bank robbers as terrorists – I’d come up with that and then halfway through writing thought “Dammit… Die Hard”. So I wrote it in as a little joke.

  2. I love this phrase: “several minutes/hours/years later …” Can’t wait to read more.

  3. Yeah I particularly liked that phrase as well – I’d originally put in because I could think what I was going to write instead (“minutes but felt like hours”, etc) then looked it again and realised it actually worked a lot better.

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