Shortbread Stories

This is a quick post to tell people all about the rather wonderful Shortbread Stories. It’s an online community for writers to share their work and for readers to – well read – and also comment on and rate the different stories.

The concept is by no means unique but the implementation here is wonderful – the site looks and feels pleasurable. The editing staff are incredibly friendly (everything submitted gets edited first and usually get a bit of friendly feedback which is always nice) and there’s a great community on there. Some of the more popular stories get professionally adapted into audio-stories which is also great (has certainly brightened up my morning commute).

So far I’ve got two of my stories up on the site and another one in the editing queue. In fact I intend to put almost all of my work up on Shortbread going forward – don’t worry I’m not abandoning the blog though! And on a final note of personal satisfaction, my first submission (The City That Never Spoke) was selected as Shortbread’s “Story of the Week” which then gets e-mailed out to an audience of over 5000 readers, apparently including literary agents so that was exciting!

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  1. That’s great news that the “The City That Never Spoke” was chosen for story of the week! Congrats. I’ll check out Shortbread Stories.

  2. My scifi work is on Elfwood and my non-genre work is on I’m not particularly impressed with the quality of work on so I might give shortbread a shot.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Hey Matt – welcome to the blog! I think you’ll definitely like Shortbread, there’s a rating system so the community filters out what’s not so great and what’s worth reading. I also find as a writer you always get plenty of both helpful and friendly comments.

      I’ve never actually looked at Elfwood and Writing so I’ll go check them out.

  3. You should consider giving a go. Your story has probably already been imported on to there.

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