The sticky smell of burnt food wakes me and I blink my eyes clear. There is something else as well, that sensation of there being something wrong, out of place. I wander out of the bedroom, looking for Abby. She is not in the study. She is not in the bathroom. Where is my Abby?

I make my way down the stairs and the smell of burnt grows stronger. I call out for Abby a few times but she does not answer. She is not in the living room or her little office at the back. Where is my Abby? I head for the kitchen but the door is closed. I am unable to open it. I can definitely hear things on the other side though, shuffling footsteps and… sobbing. It is Abby! Abby is in the kitchen and she is crying! She is in trouble, my beloved Abby is in trouble and I cannot get to her.

Oh this is most frustrating. I try to open the door again helplessly before resorting to pacing around frantically. Then I notice that the front door is open. The front door is open! A further sign of things amiss but also an opportunity for me. I rush outside into the street then around the side of the house. There is a gap between the fence and the hedge where I can squeeze through and into the back garden. Abby doesn’t like me doing this but Abby isn’t here right now.

The garden is mostly in shade from the tall, overgrown hedge. I like the garden, it is peaceful here and there are pretty flowers and sometimes little birds. There is no time to waste though, my Abby is in trouble. The back door is closed but the kitchen window is not! Over the years a small collection of boxes and assorted garden junk has accumulated and I use this to clamber up to the open window.

Inside I see two people. One is my Abby. Her cheeks are flushed and tears are running down her face. My Abby is unhappy and therefore I am unhappy. The other person is a man that I do not know. He is tall and dark and his face is ugly. I do not like him. He does not belong here and he is the one making my Abby unhappy and therefore making me unhappy. His voice is loud and aggressive. He lifts the shiny kettle, raising it over Abby.

“I said where’d you keep this safe of yours? Ah’ll not ask again ya stupid cow” he hollers. Behind him a pot of soup is slowly cremating on the still burning hob.

If he pours that kettle then the hot water inside will burn Abby and she will be in pain. I can delay no longer. I push myself through the open window and throw myself at the intruder. Surprise more than any physical strength on my part brings us both tumbling to the floor, the kettle clattering out of his grasp.

I shout random torrents of rage into his face and the man sees the wild look in my eyes. For a brief moment I am in control before he pushes me aside, gets to his feet and plants the toe cap of his boot into my ribs. I cry out in pain but my little assault has not been in vain. With a clunk and a sizzling hiss, Abby takes the soup pan and clatters the distracted man across the back of the skull. The villain gives a high pitched scream and keels over. My wonderful Abby bashes him a second them and then he is running out of the house, battered and burned.

I am glad that he is gone. He did not smell right at all.

My Abby bends down to my level, tears of relief flowing freely. She strokes my head. I reach up to lick at her hand affectionately.

“Good boy Biscuit” she smiles tenderly. “Good boy.”

Title image courtesy tinfoilraccoon

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  1. I think I guessed it was a dog before the reveal, but that didn’t spoil the story. What a clever animal and a loyal friend.

    • Glad you still enjoyed it! I reckoned a lot of people would figure it out early so trying to make it entertaining either way.

  2. I was wondering if it was a dog or a cat from the second paragraph! But then, I expected there to be a twist, so I was watching for one.

    • Well then maybe my next story shouldn’t have a twist – that would be the twist! (:

  3. Awww 🙂
    I got it early on too, but it’s so very doggyish that it wasn’t an issue!

    • Cheers! I think to have properly hidden the twist till the end, the dialogue and actions would had to have been too human and it wouldn’t have made as much sense.

  4. Nice flash fiction…I wanted the dog to bring out a AK-47 or a laser cannon. Can we have that for the rewrite please? :-p

    • Maybe he should have summoned all the neighbourhood dogs and they could have started jumping onto one another and assembled into Dogtron!

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