Mr Shadow


My name is Mr Shadow.

We have only just met but you’ve known me all your life.

I was the menace lurking under your bed that your mother swore wasn’t there. I was the car that followed behind you just a few junctions more than was comfortable late at night.

You’ve read about me next to gossip columns, overheard me discussed in whispers. I’m the reason you always double check the backdoor is locked before heading to bed.

You saw the alleyway, knew it was the sort of place I might live but you took the shortcut anyway. You saw me coming but it was already too late. And so here we are, face to face at last. Now give me your fucking money. Scream and I’ll cut you.

Title image courtesy markhillary

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  1. Man, I knew I recognized the guy in that car! You tailgate like a bastard.

  2. Ha! The ending gave me a laugh. It’s a macabre laugh, to be sure – especially since Mr. Shadow appears to live in or near my current Neighborhood. But still funny.

    • Macabre and laughter – that’s definitely what I was aiming for. Glad you liked it! Oh and Mr Shadow definitely lives in your neighbourhood… Mr Shadow lives in every neighbourhood.

  3. If you’re going to threaten me with a knife, you might as well cut me a little.

  4. Mr. Shadow, I fear you will be sorely disappointed in how small an amount of money I have. Please don’t cut me.

  5. Nicely done! Thanks for ensuring I’ll check the back door three times tonight just for good measure. I love the ending, though, a little chuckle to lighten an otherwise dark piece.

    • Thanks Chuck – I was definitely aiming for something both sinister and humourous!

  6. You sure did a lot in a few words! Very scary, and a story that will linger with me for quite some time. My favorite line is: I was the menace lurking under your bed that your mother swore wasn’t there. Well done.

    • The “menace under the bed” was actually the beginning of this story for me, the idea of knowing that something exists but not what it is. Glad you enjoyed it Cathryn!

      • It was the “your mother swore wasn’t there” that I found the most chilling.

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