Wanted: Beta Readers!

So if you’re a regular visitor to the blog you’ll no doubt be aware that I’ve been slowly crafting away a novel called “The Mechanician’s Apprentice”. It’s been a much longer slog that I’d anticipated but this baby is almost ready to unveil to the world. So much so that I am now in a position to start looking for eager beta readers to provide me with feedback on the story. What about you? Would you like to be one of my beta readers?

First of all, here’s a bit about the book:

The Mechanician’s Apprentice is a swashbuckling journey into adulthood set in a world of science, invention and intrigue. A young boy with a knack for fixing things is snuck from an orphanage in the dead of night to become apprentice to the Royal Mechanician. His education will bring him face to face with wonders great and terrible but forces unseen are both conspiring both against him and Britannia.

Your first question of course is – what’s a mechanician? A mechanician is a master technologist, an inventor and pioneer of the sciences. Their profession is held in high regard as thanks to them, the Empire of Britannia has become one of the most powerful in the world. It is this inner knowledge of technology that drives the story forward but which also provides our hero with the solutions to most of the scrapes he manages to land himself in. The setting is of course steampunk but is only a few heartbeats away from a world we have already lived through.

Interested? Want to read more? Well then give me a shout – either in the comments below are at contact@aweeadventure.co.uk. To avoid overwhelming people I will be making the story available in parts, starting of course with “Part 1 – Ars Mechanica” which clocks in at 36,000 words. If you enjoy it and want to read more I’ll then make “Part 2 – The Infinite Sea” available as well. There is more after that but it’s still getting another pass of editing.

This is a story that I’m very proud of and am genuinely excited about. I think you will be too.

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  1. Well, as you volunteered to read my short story, I of course ought to volunteer. But with a caveat: I’m going to be a bit slow about it. I’m already committed to giving T.S. Bazelli feedback by the end of August on her “Book of Day”, so I likely won’t be able to start reading anything until then, at least. But I’m definitely game to offer a helping hand.

    • I’m certainly not going to force you into it – 36,000 is a bit more reading than 7,000! And yes that dastardly Bazelli’s doing the same as me. I’m more than happy to wait till you feel ready, just drop me a line once you’ve got a gap in your schedule!

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