Hey look – redesign!

So you’ll almost certainly have noticed the site’s looking a little bit different from what it was originally. Yep, there’s been a bit of a redesign. It’s been in the pipeline for awhile now and part of larger goings-on to make the site and my online presence in general feel a little more professional. Don’t worry, I ain’t going wanky on you but wanted to reflect the changes in my both me and my writing since I first kicked this blog off, way back when.

Design-wise it’s actually worked out slightly different from what I had originally been going for and takes a large dollop of inspiration from the newly redesigned Ian Rankin covers. I’ve tried to keep everything both minimal and compact so that people can concentrate on reading but also gone for some impact so the site hopefully stands out a bit.

Technically, if its interests you, this site is a mess. I’ve gradually been hacking away at WordPress to try and recreate the outcomes imagined in my head – ideally I would have written my own theme from scratch but that would involve porting everything over to my own server and learning how to write themes for WordPress, neither of which are beyond me but are time spent not writing which really what I want to be getting on with. Maybe someday I’ll rewrite all this code and CSS properly. I’m actually using the same theme as I have been from day one – Quentin – but dumping custom CSS on top which means there’s a lot of ugly overrides and hiding of content but hey, can you tell? No. Then bah I don’t care.

So what’s next for A Wee Adventure? Well at least one of the two things I’ve mentioned above – moving to my own hosted space and getting the domain setup properly. I’m also spreading out my web presence so that more people will (hopefully) be getting acquainted with my work and wanting to read more. I’m also hoping to get some different types of content on here beyond my own inane ramblings – interviews with other writers and hopefully some sort of competitions.

Oh and of course there’s the other secret project coming down the line… T.T.O.S. (A.O.T.)

Title image courtesy hiddenloop

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  1. Ahh a bold looking change! I know what you mean about the code. I started with the simplest template I could find, and hacked it to to pieces to get it looking right. I really want to do something from scratch, but that would take too much time.

    I like it 😉

    OH, and can’t wait to hear more about the secret project!

    • Hey! Glad you like it, would be kind of terrible if everybody hated it!

      I’ll give you a hint about the secret project – the first O. stands for “of”. Didn’t say it would be a big hint.

  2. I love the new look. I think you achieved what you were going for in terms of professional, impact, and the focus on the writing. It also stands out in terms of uniqueness (or maybe that’s covered under “impact”!)

    • Thanks for the kind feedback Cathryn – it’s great to hear I’ve not gone off in the wrong direction!

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