Dear Multiplex

So I see Jurassic Park is getting a re-release at the cinema. On one hand this thrills me to bits because Jurassic Park is one of my favourite films ever, ever and to be able to experience it on the big screen again would be to recreate one of my earliest, most intense memories of the entertainment industry. I can still feel that primal fear gnawing at the pit of my stomach as the undergrowth of the velociraptor enclosure began to move. “You bred raptors? Tell me you didn’t breed raptors.”

But on the other hand, to go see it at the cinema will cost around £9 a person. Substantially more should you want to eat some sort of a snack or book in advance. And then you’ve got 20 minutes of adverts to sit through first. So… all that for a 20 year old movie that I’ve seen… and own on DVD. How does that work then?

Going to the cinema has been slowly getting more and more expensive and the adverts ever longer. Don’t even get me started on the price for 3D. But I still pay. I keep paying because I adore, worship the cinema. But charging the same price for old films as brand new, never-before-seen releases? You can’t sell that to me, no matter how great the movie. They did the same thing with Back to the Future last year and put me through the same dilemma. Ghostbusters is coming next I believe.

So why go about it this way? Why offend your audience for the sake of a few extra tickets? How about instead they just show older “classics” regularly at the cinema and charge a “classic” price like rental/streaming places? Cinemas want to get more bums on seats, people are on tighter budgets and there’s certain movies that everyone loves and will always look better on the big screen. IT’s a win, win situation. £3 to go see the Princess Bride? Why not! It wouldn’t even have to be remastered for that price.

Go on – you know it makes sense. Particularly the bit about the Princess Bride.

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  1. Speaking of tight budgets, I just went to a theatre yesterday because they were showing some movies for free to celebrate their 78th anniversary, haha.

    You’re right: movie ticket prices have gone up (here in the U.S., as well) and it sucks. I’ve been reverting more to rentals and freebies lately because I really can’t afford to spend frivolously right now.

    But wait a minute, there’s going to be an original Jurassic Park re-release? I heard the rumor Spielberg was making a fourth adventure, but not this.

    Just trying to make more money, I guess…

    • Yeah it’s the same in my house – going to the cinema is no longer an impulse decision sadly. We tend to rent movies or these record tons in advance of the telly so we’ve got a small library to work through.

      I have also heard rumours of Jurassic Park 4… not thrilled about that.

  2. Hmm. Yeah… I see what you’re saying here.

    Heck, when a movie is still brand-newish here in the States, but it’s been out for several weeks, it usually transitions to “Dollar Theaters”. Years ago you could see a flick for a dollar just by waiting three or four weeks. Now it’s more like $2-3 if you wait… but there are fewer and fewere Dollar Theaters still around.

    In some ways… integrating the Dollar Theater function into regular theaters makes sense.

    Except I guess you’d have to call them Pound Theaters?

    • Dollar Theaters? I have genuinely never heard of that – that sounds great! I guess they would be Pound Theaters here in the UK but then they’d have to compete with Pound Stretchers and Pound Stores (or their bitter rivals, the 99p Store).

      • It hasn’t been too difficult here. We have Dollar Stores here, too. (And 99-cent stores).

        I’m not sure what a “Pound Stretcher” is, though… but probably because I think of the word stretcher as being a portable litter that you carry injured people around on…

      • It’s another brand of Dollar Store (well cheap, anyway) – everything costs less to it helps you _stretch_ your pounds. Although I do have a wonderful image of a paramedic running around with a stretcher bearing a single pound coin! (:

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