The Great Book Cover Quiz! – Bonus Round

So this follows on the from the quiz I set out last week. Just one cover this time and I’ll be interested to see whether people get it straight away or struggle. I found this version whilst searching for the others, it’s a foreign edition (Swedish I believe) and very different from the cover you normally see on this book although rather quite wonderful.


Just one point up for the grabs because if you can guess the title then you’ll immediately know the author as well.


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  1. I’ll bite… based on the scene depicted, I’ll wager this is The Hobbit.

    • Ding ding – that’s the right answer!

  2. I’m going to take a wild stab—Hojo the Laughing Dragon, by Mahoo(d)? Apart from that, couldn’t tell you. Looks a bit like a Dragonic Witch-Hunt. (Whatever that is…)

    • Sorry but that’s not the answer I was looking for. If I were to point out that the cloaked figures are all meant to very short and that the town in the background is by a lake, you might make the conclusion that this was… The Hobbit.

      Apparently this artwork was done by Tove Jansson, the same lady who created the Moomins.

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