Introducing “The Thief of Sleep”

Over the past few months I have been quietly wittering away on something. Well that something is now ready to unveil to the world. It’s a book, a small collection of short stories entitled “The Thief of Sleep and Other Tales”.

The eight stories are a combination of genres: supernatural, science fiction and thriller. Nearly all end with a twist. If you’ve enjoyed any of my previous work then this is going to be right up your street.

The book is now available from for £0.79 and for $0.99. It’ll be appearing on Smashwords and other electronic outlets shortly and I may arrange a small paperback run.

Brendan Gisby

I’ve attempted to produce as professional a product as possible. The stories are all of decent length, each investigating a different idea. I am extremely proud of all of them. The book has received numerous reviews and edits, both by myself, beta readers and a professional editor. The striking cover was created for by my friend Stuart McMorris, an artist and web designer by trade. The formatting and layout of the book has received almost as much effort as the writing, everything done by hand and tested on actual devices each time. It has been a labour of love but I like to think that the effort invested has really paid off.

So that’s it – my first published book! Now that it’s out there I’d be thrilled if people were to give it a read and if you enjoy it, please do let others know and maybe even stick a review on Amazon? Cheers!

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  1. The cover looks very slick! I was going to say, professional. Whoo hoo and congrats 😉 Best of luck. Unfortunately I am kindle-less, so I don’t believe I can download it? I’m not sure.

    • Thank you – Stuart did an amazing job with the cover and the best bit is that it looks almost exactly the same when grey-scaled and shrunk down.

      You do not need a Kindle to read Kindle books, this is a common myth. You can read Kindle books on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android with Amazon’s various free apps.

  2. Congratulations on putting this together, and good luck with it! I’ve read a lot of things about self-publishing that suggest the following: (a) it takes about three books up by an author before the books really start to gain traction and (b) novels do significantly better than short-story collections. So besides luck, I guess I’ll wish you good patience! 🙂

    The book looks quite professional, by the way. Very nice.

    • Thanks – yes one of the main things I’ve heard about ePublishing is that you need to be a few books in before you’ll start getting the sales. I’m just happy to have my work out there though!

  3. Well done! That’s a fantastic cover, by the way.

    • Thank you very much! I love the cover, Stuart did such a great job on it. I really wanted a design that makes an impact and also looks like something you’d pick off the shelf in a bookshop.

  4. Congratulations again, and as you know, it’s in my electronic TBR stack. I also love the cover!

    • Thanks Cathryn, looking forward to hearing what you make of the book!

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