I’ll Miss Her

McAllister couldn’t help but feel he was betraying the love of his life. He was giving up, throwing away any future they might have together because going on would be just too hard, too costly.

He thought of all the hours, the nights, they’d spent together, just him and her – the only one who really understood him. At work, around his friends, with the folks – he had to pretend to be something he wasn’t. But when he was with her, he was free; there were no facades, no lies. Just the two of them against the world – a world she had shown him. Before she had come into his life, McAllister had barely been outside his home town. But together they had spread their wings, travelled and explored the world around them, claiming it as their own.

McAllister sighed. He could still feel her curves, her touch, her whisper. His hands would glide around her then grip her firmly but tenderly. She had a scent – hard to describe and would probably be impossible to recreate once they were parted.

“Trading her in for a younger model?” grinned the man across the desk.

McAllister scowled at the thought: “Just trading her in full stop I’m afraid.”

“Credit crunch eh? Getting too expensive?”

“Yeah, I mean I’ve done a lot of reconstruction and upgrades on her over the years…”

“But rust wins out the end.”

McAllister nodded, and slid the keys across the table to salesman. He turned to look out of the glass of the salesroom, past rows of younger models, at his beloved metallic-graphite Maserati.

“I’ll miss you” he murmured.

“What was that?” asked the salesman, looking up from his forms.

“I said – I’ll miss her.”

Title image courtesy erix

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  1. Does it make me a geek that I expected “her” to be an iPhone or something?

    • Geek! Look at the geek everyone!

      • I’m of course only kidding – to be fair a car’s just as geeky, depending on the male in question.

      • Hey, when it comes down to it, I wear my Geek Flag loud and proud!

      • Yeah me too. GO GEEKS!

  2. She must have been some car… 😉 I must admit I read it backwards for some reason. My eye fell on the last line first.

    • That’s weird – perhaps you’ve fallen into the habit of knowing where my twists are going to be and going straight to them!

  3. And here was me thinking it was a ladybot of some kind… *cough* anyway nice story.

    • Dirty. That’ll have been the line about her “getting rusty” then?

  4. I was thinking sex-doll… But yes, great story. Your description of his reverie is particularly lovely. And the way the man interrupts is perfect.


    • Odd that everyone’s minds went so sleazy on this one! Glad you enjoyed it though.

  5. I figured it would be some kind of car but didn’t expect it’d be a Maserati! Poor bloke.

    • Lol – I spent awhile going through Autotrader to find a make with just the right balance of tragicness.

  6. A tragic tale, indeed. But a lot of fun to read. Great story.

    • Yes, I can’t help but sympathise with our MC a little bit – it always feels like a betrayal when I trade a car in, knowing it’s almost certainly headed for the crusher.

  7. My first thought was that she was his novel. 😉 I won’t go any further with *that*!!

    I felt that way with my first car, I’ll never forget it, and your story evoked it perfectly.

    • It’s funny how everyone imprints a different ending onto this story! I was the same with my first car, it was older that I am, the engine would cut out on the motorway but it was still my car!

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