Ghosts of the Airwaves

Jay and Aisha leaned forwards, staring at the flickering television, its curved screen painting their faces with an unholy shimmer. Aisha placed one hand against the glass, feeling the tickle of static, perhaps hoping physical contact might bring back what they had seen.

They continued to stare at the buzz of black and whites blocks, like peering into an epileptic snowstorm. Their minds tried to draw out shapes, to spot patterns, but there was nothing more to be seen. The faces were gone. Had it been only a shared hallucination?

“Who do you think they were?” asked Jay. “Were they ghosts?”

Aisha shook her head slowly. “I don’t know. Maybe there’s still someone else out there after all, someone still broadcasting.”

The two children drew a little closer to one another, shivering in the shadows of the world that had been.

Title image courtesy restlessglobetrotter

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  1. Nice and creepy. I like the way you make us imagine what has happened.

  2. That’s pretty cool! Are you going to write any follow-on?

    I wrote a #Friday Flash earlier this year called “The One-Eyed God” about a silent TV.

    • Cheers – wasn’t planning to follow this one up, think it works quite wells leaving it to the reader to fill in the shadows.

      I will definitely go check out The One-Eyed God.

  3. I get a sense of a post-apocalyptic world with very little writing! Well done.

  4. We are the ghosts of cable television! Please resubscribe!

    I think this is neatest as a stand-alone, thanks to the post-apocalyptic implication that pops up at the end.

    • Cheers John. Yeah, sometimes the most interesting parts of a story are the bits left explained (for example I used to love wondering what the hell the Clone Wars were – then actually seeing them kind of destroyed the magic – damn you Lucas!).

  5. Loved this piece! I was reminded at first of poor Carol Anne from Poltergeist before the twist became apparent.

    “They continued to stare at the buzz of black and whites blocks, like peering into an epileptic snowstorm.”

    That’s a great line. 😀

    • Yeah I really liked that line as well (although I am biased). I’m sure we all stared into a detuned TV at some point, wondering if there’s something there, hiding amongst the electronic snowflakes.

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