Internet Story

This is short film that I recently discovered called “Internet Story”. Why am I reposting it here? Because it is one of the original stories I’ve experienced recently, both in terms of the plot and the delivery. I really feel that you should watch it, it’s only 9 minutes during which you will experience a surprising range of motions.

If you’re still in doubt, just watch the first 20 seconds and I’m certain you’ll want to watch the rest.


Title image courtesy Adam Butcher

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  1. I watched the first two minutes of this video and it reminded me of a real treasure hunt that was concocted in 1984. The promoters published an illustrated book said to contain all the clues necessary to lead to the discovery of a $500,000 golden horse that was buried somewhere in the US.


    My friends and I spent months staying up late, going to the library to research things (this was pre-internet), tracking down someone who could speak Mandarin Chinese, etc., all to try and solve this puzzle. We concluded it was buried on Wizard Island in Crater Lake National Park but never went as none of were old enough to drive. The puzzle was never solved and the prize money was donated to charity. (though someone did eventually find a vial buried in a Colorado national park with a congratulatory message in it)

    Nonetheless, this book, or rather feelings of excitement in solving the clues in this book, has stuck with me all these years. I even think about it from time to time when thinking about stories to write. The idea of it was near magical to us. I remember how bowled over we were when we discovered that the first letter in each chapter of the book spelled out the phrase “ignore state shapes” (keep in mind we were in junior high school at the time) which was good because there were several state shapes embedded in the illustrations (I remember clouds that were shaped like Texas and Oklahoma for example).

    I’ve always wondered why these types of hunts have not been repeated since, In the wikipedia article, it sounds like the promoters were hit with various lawsuits from contestants, and perhaps that is what did these types of things in. If that’s the case, it’s a shame. i would love to get involved in another one of those today.

    • There was a similar thing in the UK – Merlin’s Quest or something – when I was growing up. It was a book full of clues but it was too difficult for my young mind. I checked it out recently on the old Wikipedia and it turns out no one managed to solve the riddle and the money went unclaimed.

  2. Hmm. That was an interesting video… I’m guessing it’s fiction. But there’s just enough in there to suggest that the story is true. It’s tantalizing, in a way, daring the viewer to solve the murder, and figure out who killed who. But in its way it also warns the viewer not to, through its frequent allusions to the Pardoner’s Tale.

    It has sparked in me a bit of inspiration… but where that will lead I’ve no idea.

    • Yeah I believe it is fiction although I did have to dig around for evidence of this! The treasure hunt website does actually exist but is presumably created by the same person as this video.

      I’ve also been inspired by this – the idea of using these modern mediums to tell a story, hidden amongst all the spam and inane chatter.

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