Resolutions/Goals 2011 – Review

So wayyyyy back at the beginning of this year I set myself three writing-related goals that I intended to achieve by the end of the year. Some were more ambitious than others and I will now summarise how I got on.

1. Complete my novel So yeah, this didn’t happen. I got a lot done in the first half of the year and ground through the first half of the novel, even managing to send that out for some beta reading. And then I got distracted. Fortunately one of my distractions was The Thief of Sleep but it did mean The Mechanician’s Apprentice has gone another entire year still evolving on my hard drive and in my head. I still feel optimistic though, initial feedback has been good and/or very useful, I have a much better feeling for what sort of a novel this actually is now (it’s actually two). Next year I feel I’ll be ready to start sending queries out to agents and seeing what happens from there!

2. Take some formal writing training This did and didn’t happen. I had originally envisaged this as either going on some sort of classroom course or doing distance learning over a number of months. I didn’t do either, mostly because I couldn’t find anything that I thought would definitely be right for me. A few things seemed like they might work but the cost involved was a bit too high to take the chance. Instead I joined a local writer’s group. You could argue that this wasn’t “formal” training but it was really the first time I’d allowed other people to sit and openly critique my work (as in going through it with pen and providing line by line suggestions of improvements). This year my writing as come leaps and bounds and I really do merit most of it to those wonderful people in my writer’s group! I’m marking this one down as: success.

3. Become a published author This was the one I thought would be most difficult to achieve and it was. I’ve spent the year firing short stories off to various publications and having very little success. But success did come! Towards the end of the year I received word that one of my stories, Chemicals had been selected for an anthology of Scottish writing titled The McCollection and also another short called The Way of the World has been made available for sale by Ether Books, an exciting projects that sells short stories via the iPhone. And of course I published my own collection of short stories called The Thief of Sleep. Self-publication has been a lot tougher going than I was expecting but has been an exciting project from which I’ve learned a lot. Again: boom – success!

So I managed 2/3 which personally I’m thrilled with. Would I have made such good progress without having set myself these targets? Probably not. So I guess the most important thing to do now is start thinking about my targets for next year!

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  1. 2 out of 3 is good, and you made great forward progress on the novel (realizing it’s two books), so I wouldn’t count that as a “miss”. The Thief of Sleep is on my virtual TBR shelf, and I hope to get to it in January — can’t wait!

    • Cheers Cathryn – yeah I’m definitely not looking on the novel target as a failure by any means and it has come on a long, long way in the past year!

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