2012 Review

Wayyyyy back at the beginning of the year I set myself some objectives, albeit with the caveat that this year I probably wasn’t going to achieve any of them due to the imminent arrival of my first child. Here is what they were and how I got on:

Find an agent for my novel The Mechanician’s Apprentice
Didn’t get far with this one at all, submitted to one agency – The Greenhouse Agency, who came back with a polite “no” fairly quickly. That was as far as I got. In truth I’ve struggled to find agents who look like they would be a good match for me – need some who’s interested in the specific genres this book covers. Work on the book itself stalled again as well – have done quite a lot of editing on the first two parts and done some rewrites following feedback from the wonderful Tessa Bazelli. Work on part 3 hasn’t really progressed at all this year though (it is actually fully written, just needs editing and polishing to be done).

Write a novella
This one happened! I wrote a novella called Biter, which will be making it’s way onto the Kindle store very, very soon (possibly tomorrow)! I’m very excited about this story: it’s my trademark “twist on reality”, but is one of the most personal stories I’ve written – it’s very real world, draws heavily from my own experiences and is set in my neck of the woods.

Writer another novella
This one I didn’t manage to complete. I did start on the WW2 novella I’d mentioned, but quickly found I simply did have enough knowledge to do the setting and people who lived through it justice. It’s still on my to-do list but will require a substantial amount of research first. Instead I did write quite a few more short stories which will also be making their way onto Kindle over the coming months!

So I only achieved 1 out of my 3 goals, but that’s pretty good going considering. I had predicted that this was going to be a “tough, tough year” personally and that turned out to be a massive understatement. My son, Jack, arrived in March (5 weeks early) but has been doing well ever since, and has of course been tons and tons and tons of work (but all so worth it). My writing had to take a back seat for a while. I was starting to get back into things in November and October though when something slightly unexpected happened – I got stress. Take my advice – don’t ever get stress. It isn’t any sort of fun at all. So once more writing (and pretty much everything else) had to get put aside. Hopefully I’m at the tail end of that little adventure though, so hoping 2013 will be a far more productive year!

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  1. I’m looking forward to Biter! Given you year, I’d say you made tremendous progress on your goals. And, I just noticed on your twitter feed to the right that Biter found its way to Amazon. Happy New Year!!

    • Thanks Cathryn – and yes, Biter got made available on Amazon sooner than I expected! Will up the site shortly with links.

      • Already bought it 😉

      • Wonderful – I really hope you like it. It is a little “suburban noir”-ish!

      • Now I’m even more intrigued!

  2. Cheers to 2013! I hope this year is even better than 2012 for you 🙂 I just saw the novella on Amazon and I’m off to buy it.

    • Cheers and the same to you Tessa! Let me know what you think of Biter.

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